We are Debt Free!

We are debt free! Celebration in Gatlinburg, TN

Some bit of exciting news from the Sullivans…

On the Friday morning of August 26, 2016, Dewayne and I paid our last debt payment on the credit card. We are debt free!

We want to tackle the house mortgage, but that will wait until Baby Step 3 is done. We also have two college students graduating within the coming months, so we need to plan gifts for them as well. Going to be a fun ride.

If you are wondering how we were able to get debt free, we followed Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps in Financial Peace University, we were careful with our finances, and most importantly, we prayed. Both Dewayne and I highly recommend you go through this 9-lesson money course. I promise it will change your life like it has changed ours. You can take Financial Peace with others (highly recommended) or by yourself at your own pace.

Can you imagine not having to worry about a monthly car payment, student loan payment, or even credit card payments?! We are stoked because now we can save money for things that really matter. It is possible to get out of debt. Please do it before Murphy strikes again. 😉

What did we do to celebrate?

We went to Gatlinburg, TN and paid for the entire trip in cash!


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Creating Effective User Testing Questions

Creating Effective User Testing Questions


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User Testing Results Template

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Fun with the Family on Labor Day 2016

Labor Day 2016 at Fall Creek Falls

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Party with the Bleep the Joneses

Bleep the Joneses Ramsey Solutions After-Party

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We won Ramsey Solutions Battle of the Bands 2016!

Bleep the Joneses won Ramsey Solutions Battle of the Bands 2016

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