Hello, my name is Kristy Sullivan.

I’m a User Experience (UX) Engineer in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

What is User Experience?

User Experience, or UX, is the successful reduction of friction between a person and the tool they are using for access to the information they need in the most simplistic and enjoyable way possible.

Who am I?

From a professional standpoint, I am a user experience and user interface engineer for Ramsey Solutions (Dave Ramsey) digital products. I provide guidance on how to improve the user journey by solving process issues, usability of layout elements and components, accessibility, and so much more.

From a personal standpoint, you can learn more.


Let’s be friendly on Facebook

If you are like me, you are probably shaking your head at the latest shenanigans of Facebook. I will admit, after the latest news regarding Facebook messing around with people’s emotions by displaying positive vs. negative news feeds (see NBC News article – “Facebook Manipulates Emotions: Business as Usual for Social Media Giant“) on a select 700,000+ people, it makes you wonder if you were one of their lab rats.

After much thought, I am seriously considering deleting my Facebook account and just being done with it. A lot of people I know have started doing just that. Why? Because Facebook has become out of control over the past couple of years.

Before you start yelling out, “Girl, what the heck are you thinking?!”, consider these very interesting thoughts (from my experience).

What are some bad things about Facebook?

  • Social Isolation

    Facebook encourages users to isolate friends on their friend list by allowing to subscribe or unsubscribe, thus allowing us to feel socially isolated in real life.

  • Never Good Enough

    Facebook can encourage vanity, or self-absorption of ourselves. What ever happened to humility? We find ourselves comparing our lives to those on Facebook. And can we find a good enough photo of ourselves?

  • Cyber-Bullying

    Facebook allows kids and teens easy access to Cyber-Bullying. Let’s face it, we can’t keep watch on every move our kids make on Facebook. Things can happen, and they do.

  • Creeper Syndrome

    Facebook encourages online stalking – admit it! You are guilty of this one at some point of viewing friends profiles in detail. You should be a little nervous to know that anyone on your friend list can peruse your info at anytime.

  • Not So Special Days

    Birthdays of your family and friends are considered less important due to how easy it is to wish them the best on Facebook. One minute to type something on your phone and then you are done. Enough said on that one.

  • Hurt Feelings

    Facebook makes it easy to hurt real life relationships. If you have been on Facebook for awhile and have NOT been hurt emotionally by a friend or relative, I congratulate you, because it’s a rarity not to get our feelings hurt. (I could write an entire book on how Facebook can ruin people’s lives).

So, my question that repeatedly comes to mind is all this worth it? Is Facebook worth ruining important friendships with family, friends, etc.? Is it worth wasting my precious time scrolling through other people’s lives to compare it to my own?

What are some good things about Facebook?

Then I have to ask myself these questions before I get happy with that red delete button under my Facebook account information. What are some things that Facebook has done to keep me using their services? Why should I NOT delete my account? Here are some things that come to mind.

  • Facebook Connect

    It is convenient to use Facebook to connect to a multitude of mobile/web apps rather than typing in all your personal information each time you want to register.

  • Find Friends and Lost Family

    It actually lives up to its name by connecting you with old friends from childhood, high school, college, and family members you haven’t seen in forever.

  • Keep Up to Date

    It allows you to read news, articles, and other interesting information about topics or websites that interest you.

  • Schedule Events and Meetings

    It allows you to organize upcoming events and sending invites.

  • Share Photos and Updates

    It allows you to share photos and status updates about your life with your friends and family that subscribe to your feed.

  • Interactive Media

    You can play games, take quizzes, interact with people of similar interests, etc.

My Verdict of Facebook?

After reviewing the pros and cons of Facebook, I have decided that even though Facebook does have some bad qualities about it, there are still more good things that help everyone out.

So, what am I going to do? I will be keeping my Facebook account open, at least for now.

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