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Fun with the Family on Labor Day 2016

Believe it or not, Dewayne and I had a day together to do something fun. We decided to go to Fall Creek Falls, a beautiful Tennessee state park near Spencer, TN. So, we packed a picnic and grabbed Yuxin (our Chinese exchange daughter) and headed on the 1.5 hour trek to the sticks.

Once we got there, we drove around and saw some beautiful scenery on the overlooks that are along the loop road. We got tired of that soon after and decided that we needed some exercise after that long drive and wanted to take a hike. So, we found one of the main trails and made our way through the woods with gusto and enthusiasm. Cue to one hour later, we are literally climbing up and down rocks and logs on the side of a mountain, our enthusiasm completely gone, with sweat dripping down our backs. Crap! I didn’t realize how out of shape I was. I didn’t feel so bad when I saw all the other passersby were in anguish as well.

Our final hiking trail we did consisted of the top of the Cane Creek falls. Because it has been a hot and dry summer, the water was very low. This allowed us to be able to literally walk on rocks across the creek at the top of the falls to the very edge overlooking a deep green pool at the bottom.

With my feet hanging off the edge of the falls, it was a reminder of how big this world is and how much of it I haven’t explored. There was the God moment where I felt overwhelmed by the beauty. I am grateful for days like this.

Feet over the edge at Fall Creek Falls
Feet over the edge at Fall Creek Falls