Hi, I’m Kristy. Nice to meet you!

My passion is user experience, also known as UX. In the old days it was called usability. I want to understand how people think about different processes of things in every day life. If I see something that isn’t easy for someone to accomplish, I have that burning desire to improve it so that the task is quicker, more efficient, and just plain fun.

The boring side of me enjoys taking complex problems and turning them into beautiful and simple interface designs that are usable. I enjoy the logic and structure of coding and always write elegant and efficient code, whether it be HTML, CSS (SCSS/LESS) or jQuery.

When I’m not user testing, improving usability, coding or pushing pixels, you’ll find my nose buried in a book, walking my dogs, riding my bike around the hood, cooking, surfing the web for the latest web innovations and ideas, playing my flute in the Belle Aire Baptist Church Orchestra, teaching flute lessons, spending time with my husband and step kids.

Kristy Sullivan
Music Works Written
Digital Sites Created
  • Gluten and Dairy Free

    I love cooking and have found some great recipes that are gluten-free and dairy free. Ask me if you are interested.

  • Clean Freak and Germaphobe

    Cleaning gives me satisfaction when the world is out of control. And you won’t find me without my trusty bottle of hand sanitizer.

  • Anti-Shopping Advocate

    I do NOT like to go shopping. My husband takes me shopping when the need is there.

  • Millions of lives touched

    I work on a product that has improved over a million lives. How cool is that?