Day 2: Nassau, Bahamas

Dewayne woke up at 5:30am ET (it was only 4:30am CT) and was hungry. I remembered I did not eat the previous day and went to the main dining area to get breakfast. The open buffet was enormous with every type of international cuisine possible.

After breakfast we explored the MSC Seascape ship until we arrived at the Nassau Cruise port at 1:00pm.

  • Shopped at the port but didn’t find anything.
  • Went to the world famous Straw Market and got harassed to buy handmade goods.
  • Super hot and humid.
  • Got hazelnut and vanilla gelato.
  • Came back and took shower.
  • Early dining at Dinner at Cala Jondal table 815.
  • Head waiter assisted me with GF menu.
  • For GF bread and it was soft and slightly chewy.
  • He ordered me GF cake for dessert.
  • For entre I’m getting the broiled Swordfish.